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Monday, October 12, 2009

Who's Following You? Do You Care Who "Follows" You On Twitter?

(Photo Caption: I'm Following The One With Food)

I'm all for Twitter; totally sold on the whole "micro-blogging" thing
after joining late last year. Frankly, I'm amazed at what I'd missed out on in Twitter's wide-open landscape of endless opportunities! My reason for "tweeting"? Simple... Open jobs, Career News and my favorite: Job-seekers and Resumes.

More on what Job-Seekers, Employers & Recruiters can find in the Twitter "gold-mine" in my November post!

For now, I'll stay on the topic of "followers" ...

(Speaking of which, If you're new to Twitter, scroll to the end of my post for two links: "What are Followers" and "Getting Started on Twitter")

Like other "Tweeters", I "follow" to be entertained, enlightened, amused, informed or kept current. Do those I follow know me or even follow me back? Some do.

That got me thinking; Who's following ME on Twitter? Seems important to know my followers, for many reasons. Especially if they are job-seekers, HR/recruiters, Employers or Corporations, etc.

As with any true recruiter, I'm a "people-person" and I find people interesting. I'm curious to know if some one's "looking", what their profession is, do they like their job. Those are the basics up front, until a deeper professional trust is formed. How else can a recruiter reach out to potential talent when recruiting for open positions? They have to get to "know" passive and active job-seekers.

When I first started "tweeting" I wondered how I'd get anything of importance from those seemingly "garbled", 140-character messages, let alone post my open jobs and recruit top talent across The U.S.! Most confusing were "tweet" messages filled with symbols "#" hash mark, RTs, #FFs, @'s and "trending topics"...what were those I wondered? I was clueless!

It all seemed a little weird to me. Worse yet, maybe I'd fallen behind the "power-curve"? Back then, I considered Twitter classes, but hung in there until I figured it out!

Glad I did; now I'm "tweeting" with the best of them! (Well, almost)

Back to my initial question;

Do I "know" who's following me? To some degree, but I didn't get to know them by their "tweets" or some deep, hi-tech, Boolean criteria, Internet search.

Instead, I kept it simple. I visited my follower's home pages and read their personalized Bio's. I'm happy to say that yes, I "know" who my followers are. I know what part of the country they live, their interests and even who else they follow and can even see who their followers are!

Long story short; there's always something new on Twitter, so I'll keep on "Tweeting Jobs & Resumes"!

Happy Networking,

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Links: Getting Started on Twitter & Followers

"What are followers" Getting Started on Twitter courtesy of Twitter Support

Monday, July 27, 2009

Diversity Recruiting & Networking: Terry's on Blog Talk Radio on 7/28 @ 3:30pm PST; Link Provided

Please Join Me on 7/28 @ 3:30pm PST when I'll Share WoVEN; Women Veterans Empowerment Network & the upcoming Women Veterans Summit on Your Military Life, Blog Talk Radio!

I'll be the featured guest speaker on Your Military Life, Blog Talk Radio on Tuesday, 7/28 @ 3:30pm PST.

Your Military Life Show Link: Blog Talk Radio

Thank you & Happy Networking!

- Terry

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Women Veterans Summit - 9/12/2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

What's In It For Them? For Your Next Employer, That is...

Out of work or looking for a better job? Times have changed dramatically when it comes to landing a great job with a great company.

Not long ago, it was an employee's market, when sometimes all you needed was a personal connection or referral.

Now, its an employers market. For example, just today, I saw a job posting for a Sales Support Representative. The first requirment on the list of qualifications was a Bachelors Degree.

This is just one example of how the current job market benefits employers. With so many people "looking", employers can afford to be highly selective when it comes to applicants.

Gone are the days when a company must broaden the pool of applicants it considers or rush to make an offer for fear of losing the "top" (and sometimes only) candidate to a competitor.

Not so long ago, it was common for Candidates & Job-Seekers to ask employers: "What's in it for me?" Perks/Benefits, Sign On Bonus, Equity, Counter-offers, etc.

The tables have turned and now employers want to know what's in it for them if they should decide to hire you.

What can you do? Don't give up! Think about what you bring to the table and sell those skills to your employer of choice.

If you don't know where to start, this article offers some great tips: Need a Job?

Happy Networking!

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Benefits of an Employment Agency

The Benefits of an Employment Agency

The Benefits of an Employment Agency

Author: Ashley Toh

One of the things you need to understand about the job market is that there is plenty of competition and the numbers do not hit you until you realise that there are millions of people looking for jobs on a daily basis. Millions of people all over the world. You have to think global, not local; because the job market now spans a borderless arena.

When thinking about your next job, or if you have been looking for a job for a while now, you must re-look at your strategy and perhaps include the use of an employment agency to help you out with your job search. There are many benefits of an employment agency that will assist you to not only secure a job, but secure one that is beneficial for your own career path. Now this works both ways, from the perspective of someone looking to find a job and form the perspective of a business looking for talent in the job market.

For the job seeker, the employment agency will have the business contacts necessary to push your resume and your details to many more businesses, who will be able to assess and perhaps consider your resume as one that has a potential place in their company. The bottom line about having an employment agency is that you get much more exposure than you would if you were to be looking in a newspaper or even an online job search.

The exposure would be almost ten times of what you would be normally getting because business still trust the services of an employment agency to get the results that they need. For one thing, they will get much more focused results, instead of being swamped with resumes of persons who are not even qualified for some of these jobs. Having a targeted and focused function that the employment agency gives would be then a boon to businesses who want the quickest results in the best time.

This would also mean that your resume would be sent to the companies that would not only be interested in you but of course the types of career matches that would further enhance your career path. Because of the global reach of even local based employment agencies, your horizon would also be increased to great levels.

For businesses, the employment agency is also a great place to find temporary workers for short term contracts as well, as they would have a pool of resources of these people on the call list. These are some of the benefits of an employment agency that you need to know about. If you are searching for a job or an employee, the connections and the resources of an employment agency can only assist you in your search to find something or someone that complements you in every way. There are many quality local and international employment agencies for you to choose from, and a quick search online is all you need to get started.

Article Source:

About the Author:

International Workplace Consulting Pte Ltd , an executive head hunter, will provide your company with all employment services to fulfill your human resources needs. They have also acted as a career builder, providing professionals with the ideal job opportunities.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Networking and Self-Marketing; What Really Works?

How Do You Network & Promote Your Skills to Potential Employers?

I'm presenting a career workshop to (an anticipated) 700+ women veterans on 9/12/09 at the Department of Veterans Affairs Women Veterans Summit.

Click here for event details: Women Veterans Summit

Among other topics, I'm sharing best practices for:

1. Self Marketing & Self Promotion

2. Online/Virtual Networking via: LinkedIn, Facebook, Plaxo, Twitter, User Groups, Blogs etc.

3. In-Person Networking; social events. job fairs and professional association functions.

What "works" for me?

Being a member of Toastmasters, attending professional/industry-specific association meetings and sharing jobs, resources, and tips with Job Spot Seattle & WoVEN members are just a few of my networking best practices!

What are your networking and/or self-marketing/promotion best practices?

As always, I look forward to your unique & valuable input on any and/or all areas!

Happy Networking!

- Terry

Monday, April 27, 2009

"What are You Doing" on Twitter? Have You Tried Job-Searching or Self-Marketing?

Twitter's been called "instant gratification" for online social networkers, so "What Are You Doing" on Twitter?

I use Twitter to communicate with others quickly via "Tweets" (short, 140 characters, status updates).

I share quick notes with my followers and read updates of people I'm following as well.

How are you using Twitter and why did you start using it? How has it benefited you or your business?

If you're looking for work, has it helped your job search?

I look forward to your comments!

In the meantime, here's a link to replies from LinkedIn users:

Terry's Linkedin Questions

Happy Networking!

- Terry
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